Stone Barns Cow - Hill Reeves; photo by Alexis Buatti Ramos

A Trip to Stone Barns

This Memorial Day weekend, I got to assist my photographer friend Alexis Buatti Ramos on two photo sessions with families up in Westchester. Because natural light is best first thing in the morning and in early evening, the shoots were spaced out by about six hours, which meant we had lots of time to kill. Luckily, […]

Kashkaval Grilled Cheese with Beef Salami and Arugula -

Kashkaval Grilled Cheese with Beef Salami and Arugula

In our new neighborhood in Queens, there are lots of little shops to explore. Our old ‘hood on the Upper West Side definitely had a lot to offer—from Central Park nearby, to the best bagel shops a girl could ask for—but I’m really enjoying all of the ethnic alcoves tucked away into Sunnyside and Woodside. From […]

Ideas for Mother’s Day Brunch in NYC

My mom is headed to NYC for Mother’s Day in a few weeks. In planning for her trip, I put together a list of ideas of where we could eat for the special day. I was trying to cover my bases: some places that would be super casual, other places that would feel feminine, some […]


Peanut Butter Frosting Recipe

I have a lot of really great friends and sisters, but at the center of that venn diagram lives Candice. (To all my other best friends and sisters, remember “best friend” is a tier, not a person.) Having a best-friend-sister is one of my favorite parts of life. Imagine all the things you do with your […]